VIDEO: Family of 3 on a scooter have a serious accident, but that’s not the end

A grave road accident in China was survived by three people who were riding on a single scooter. A CCTV footage, that has recently gone viral, shows why 'tripling' on a bike can be dangerous.


It’s unfortunate but there are scores of road accidents that happen every single day, and many of them involve two-wheelers. Some are the fault of those driving and others are freak accidents thanks to miscalculated brakes, like in the case of this video that’s doing the rounds on social media. Shared by a Chinese news agency on Facebook, the CCTV footage shows three people riding a two-wheeler that ends up in a painful – yet visually comical – accident.

It also shows why we should not have three people riding a scooter, especially if there is a kid involved! The 0.26-second clip shows a family of three on a scooter, when a car in front of them swerves into their path. The man riding the scooter seemingly instinctively applies the brake hard, which results in the vehicle jumping mid-road and somersaulting. Miraculously, all three members are safe, but that’s not the end of it.

The man tries to take control of his two-wheeler, but it seems the machine has a mind of its own. What happened next, you need to watch to believe.

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Source: indianexpress

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