Punishment of Adultery (Zina) and Homosexuality in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country or you can say it is a headquarter of all Islamic world due to Makkah and Madina. Most of the rules implemented in Saudi Arabia are based upon Sharia guidelines.

Although Saudis believe and say that all their rules are Sharia-compliant but few scholars have reservations upon this statement. I am not a religious scholar so don’t want to comment on it.
However, the punishment for adultery (Zina) and homosexuality are very hard in Islam as well as in Saudi Arabia. Personally, I do support this punishment of Islam as deceiving your partner and going somewhere else should be punished like that.

Adultery (Zina) committed by a married person: If a married person commits adultery, he or she is to be stoned to death. This is the harshest punishment in Islam. However, there are some exceptions to this punishment which are explained below.

Punishment of rape by a married person is also the same. However, I have heard that in Saudi Arabia before giving anyone this punishment, they are given a medicine which makes them unconscious mentally.
People say that they do not feel pain after that. Well, I do not know about the reality, it is just what I have heard from people.

Adultery (Zina) committed by Unmarried Person: If an unmarried person commits adultery, he or she will be lashed 100 times irrespective of the gender. The punishment of adultery for unmarried persons is lower than the married people because they are immature so can be involved in such acts.

Well, you can understand 100 lashes is not a light punishment. I do not think anyone can survive if he is lashed 100 times on a single day. Perhaps this is the reason they have introduced a system where perpetrators are lashed in installments.

This is another reason Islam preaches Muslims to marry their children in early age. If they are married, there are fewer chances of being involved in such kind of activities.

Punishment of Homosexuality: This is also a very strong sin in Saudi Arabia and treated with the penalty of death. Men and women are not allowed to commit this crime. Penalty or punishment for homosexuality in Saudi Arabia is an execution in the Islamic way.
In Islam committer is executed by beheading which is said to be the least painful way of execution. However, there are some exceptions to this punishment which are explained below.

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