10 Women Confess What They Don’t Want Men To Know They Find Attractive

Some people like blondes, some like brunettes. Some people are more attracted to people who are tall, while others prefer someone on the short side. For some people a sense of humor is the most important trait they look for in a partner, but for some others it’s intelligence or a strong moral code. When most of us think about what we look for in a significant other it’s a pretty standard lists of wants and deal breakers, maybe with a few particular quirks thrown in for good measure.

But if someone asked you what you look for in a partner right now, you probably wouldn’t say that you want someone who has exceptionally straight toes or someone who can list every episode of The Twilight Zone in order of air date off the top of their heads, because most people don’t have such random and incredibly specific traits that they find really attractive. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anyone in the world who doesn’t get a real thrill off of some super specific physical or personality traits that they are attracted to in others. And luckily we’ve managed to find 15 women who were willing to cop to the strangest and most particular things that make them automatically attracted to a guy (that they normally wouldn’t want to admit in public). So if you’re curious to know whether or not some woman out there might be drawn to the gap in your teeth or the ring on your finger, read on.

10. When Guys Blush, It Does Things To Me

Having that tinge of rosiness in your cheeks is pretty much an official sign of beauty, so much so that blush is a required element of a good makeup look. However, a pink flush is also something that most people associate with the female half of the human race. It’s probably not too much of a shock to find a few women who have this personal preference of the look of their guy, though. Usually being flushed is a signal of some kind of psychological stimulation. Most people associate it with feeling embarrassed or ashamed about something, but people also often blush when they’re feeling romantically stimulated. It’s a pretty particular thing to be attracted to, but if it’s a sign that you are making a guy hot in the most literal sense of the word then it’s understandable that this confessing gal might have such a strong preference for blushing lads.

9. I Love Seeing A Man Write With His Left Hand

I mean yeah, it is a bit of an odd preference, but not as weird as it could be, I guess? At least this confessor shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding a southpaw, as about 10% of people in the world are naturally left-handed, and apparently men are actually more likely to be left-handed than women are, so they’re not the rarest of rare birds. And there could possibly be a somewhat legit reason behind the preference, since left-handed people may be more likely to be exceptionally skilled at something like math or music (even though studies show that for the most part lefties are on par with righties in most areas of life). And she’s lucky that she wasn’t born into one of the many generations where natural lefties were actually forced to learn to use their right hands to write with. But I hope she doesn’t mind performing menial tasks for her man, since most things in the world are designed for use by right handed-people.

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