Omani students robbed of belongings in US

Muscat: A group of Omani college students had their belongings stolen from their rented car in the United States, according to the official website of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

The students, who are enrolled at a university in Ohio, were enjoying winter break and having dinner at a restaurant in San Francisco, California when their car was broken into. 

In an interview with (MoHE) official magazine Musaab Al Masruri, one of the victims said they lost “four bags, a laptop, a digital camera, a phone, clothes and expensive headphones.”


By coincidence, a Saudi citizen found one of the student’s passports near the crime scene and contacted the Omani embassy, and tweeted about it, according to Al Masruri. “He came and saw us near the car and asked if we are Omanis, and handed us the passport,” Al Masruri said.

“We waited for one and a half hours for the police to arrive. In that time, we talked to a nearby shop-keeper and asked if he could give us the CCTV footage of the crime,” he added. “He was cooperative, thanks to God. We took the clip to the police to open a crime case and to have our rented car replaced so we can go on with our trip,” Al Masruri said, explaining that the insurance company did not cover their loss.

Source: timesofoman

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