Actress Denise Laurel Suffering From Health Problem ” I HAVE CYST ALL OVER “

Your Face Sounds Familiar grand winner and actress Denise Laurel faces health issues due to her lifestyle. But a surprise to many is that Denise is actually physically fit to be experiencing such health issues in her body. Even to the actress herself, finding out she had cysts all over her body is also a surprise and consequently, she was also able to identify the root cause of all.


More often than not, exercise and work out is not simply everything to stay fit and healthy. Not like the usual mantra that exercise is the key to staying healthy, it’s not always the case. And no one is invincible from sickness even if you’re a showbiz personality. Denise announced on her Instagram account about her health issues which she contributed to having lack of sleep. Due to her lifestyle, Denise caught up with a number of cysts identified by her physician.

“They found a mass in my breast, my lymph nodes, and in my ovaries. “I have cysts all over!” Denise claimed. She also added to her statement, “Nobody forced me, I loved to do that. “I was younger, fit, because I exercise, what could go wrong, right?”

But more like a blessing to the actress, it turns out that the cysts were not malignant. The actress was more thankful for not having the risk of cancer in her body. And the lumps were benign and not really alarming, but still needs to be under constant monitor by the doctor.

Denise also added on her Instagram post: “I’m gonna have to take out some of them. In time. There’s no rush. “But I’ve already taken out half of what’s inside my breast, pero I dunno, I don’t like operations, e. So I’m gonna do it little by little. And I’m not taking any medication because it messes with your system.And I wanna be good, energetic mom for my son.”

Source: healthstagram

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