Andrea Brillantes Epic Reaction Versus the Flying Ipis

All of us have our own fears. Probably, the most common fear that all of us struggle to overcome is the fear of height. However, apart from this, most of us have fear on cockroaches probably including your favorite celebrity. If you’re a fan of Andrea Brillantes, this video is for you.


Known for her thick brows and innocent and doll-like beauty, Andrea Brillantes captivated everyone on how she gracefully grew up into a beautiful lady. Despite being a lady now, Andrea has maintained her cuteness especially when she’s dealing with cockroach. Written by Healtstagram

In the following video,Written by Healtstagram. Andrea was filmed trying to kill a cockroach she found at their house.

Same with how most of us kill the insect, we are always on the defense mode as we also try to multi-task, throwing our slippers hoping that throwing it would kill the cockroach but the chance is so little. Yes, we do the same because we need to prepare ourselves when the cockroach decides to fly — the ultimate struggle for people who really have fear on cockroaches. It’s like, “we can deal with it when it’s on the ground but it will be a different story when it launches its wings and fly.” Written by Healtstagram

The encounter of Andrea with the cockroach was filmed by her sister who hilariously cheer for her behind the camera. It seemed that she wants to help but she finds her sister’s reaction too cute. That’s why she just chose to watch her struggling with the cockroach and just laughing on the background. Written by Healtstagram

Did you also find Andrea’s reaction cute? Would you just also enjoying watching her cutely stuggling on killing the cockroach just like her sister?

Source: healthstagram

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