Butterfly Believed To Be As Isabel Granada Lands On Hubert Aguas During Actress’ Funeral

A butterfly believed to be the late actress Isabel Granada landed on the shoulders of her son Hubert Aguas during the actress’ funeral.

Countless hearts has definitely gone to pieces because of the passing of the actress and an icon during the ’90s Isabel Granada.


Her demise was so unexpected.

And absolutely, the most affected of all the people is the family of the actress.

During the funeral of the actress, a certain photo has sent goosebumps to the people.

Obtained from the Instagram account of Bianca Lapus is a photo of the actress’ son Hubert Aguas shot from the back.

And what gave the people the goosebumps is the butterfly which landed on the shoulders of the boy during the funeral of the actress.

The butterfly is believed to be the late actress Isabel Granada which definitely means that the actress will always watch her son from wherever she is now.

Netizens even claimed that it was a mother butterfly.

Aside from the spine-chilling realization, this has also saddened the people because it only indicates the love of the actress for the son despite her physical absence.

People of social media community reacted on the post and here are some of the comments obtained:

the butterfly didn’t want to leave bro. It stayed at his back for a little while and it was a mother butterfly daw.

Nag hug sya sa anaķ nya at assurance na presence lang nya ang nawala pero ang pagmamahal at guidance ay hindi

that’s definitely Isabel trying to hold Hubert! She wants people to know that she’s there and will always be there for her son!

I believe the butterfly its represent of the soul or spirit of our love one.. si isabel iyan.. mahal na mahal niya talaga ang kaniya anak..mother is a mother kahit ano man manyari lagi nandiyan ang mga magulang natin..isa talaga ang magulang natin at wala makaka replaced diyan..

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Source: philnews

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