Isabel Granada’s That’s Entertainment Colleagues Remembers Her

That’s Entertainment colleagues of the late actress Isabel Granada expressed what they felt upon the actress’ demise.

Definitely, the death of the actress has broken countless hearts.

With as young as Isa at the age of 41 years old, no one has expected she’ll join the Creator that early.

But then, everyone must just think that she is now in a better place with Him.

And now, according to a report from the Inquirer, here are some of the statements from her colleagues in That’s Entertainment.


Chuckie Dreyfus

“Isa and I had a special connection. Even without saying a word, we got each other’s drift. It’s like we could read each other’s mind. She was so bungisngis. When someone cracked a joke, she would laugh out loud even before the punchline was delivered.“


Manilyn Reynes

“I will always remember Isa as my little sister. She was the girl with the most sincere smile, which she gave to everyone she saw. She was also the girl with the longest and most beautiful eyelashes. Isa and I made fun of those lashes. We would apply more mascara to give emphasis on how long and thick they were. And we laughed at how her lashes seemed like a hand fan all spread out.”


Jojo Alejar

“We worked together in “Got to Believe,” where I played Isa’s husband. In jest, we said, “After all these years, it’s us who ended up together.” In one scene where we shared a good-night kiss, she said, “Good night, Kuya” (since that was what she called me off-cam). We could not stop laughing, and her headdress even fell off. We had to retake the scene.”


Sheryl Cruz

“I used to tease Isa that her surname is “Granada” because she was like a bomb. Wherever she went, she made an explosive impact.”


Jestoni Alarcon

“Isa was like a little sister to me. My wife Lizette and I would often play badminton with her. It’s been ages since our “That’s Entertainment” days, but I would still tease Isa about her former love team partner, Chuckie Dreyfus. It made her giggle and blush like a high school girl.”


Source: philnews

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