Look: Philippine Air Force honors Isabel Granada, pays tribute to proud airwoman

An actress and a proud airwoman.
The Philippine Air Force (PAF) had this to say as it paid tribute to Isabel Granada after her remains finally arrived in the Philippines from Doha, Qatar on Thursday morning.


Receiving PAF personnel draped a flag over the late actress’ casket before carrying it in procession, in a somber ceremony witnessed by her family, friends and loved ones.

Granada, an aeronautical engineering graduate, had served in the Air Force and reached the rank of Airwoman Second Class (AW2C) before her death.

PAF spokesperson Major Aristides Galang said they were also devastated by the actress’ untimely demise.

“The men and women of the Philippine Air Force share the sense of grief and great loss of Ms. Granada and we wish to pay tribute to this great woman who has achieved so much in her life,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Galang credited Granada with helping to uplift the PAF’s image with her demeanor and unabashed admission of her reservist status.

“She spent a year as an active PAF enlisted personnel as part of the PAF Women’s Volleyball team and opted to remain as a reservist where she continued her support by willingly performing, hosting, and lending her celebrity status to draw crowd to PAF events,” he said. “Her proper demeanor, both as a celebrity and as an aviation enthusiast, also contributed to the PAF’s public image by virtue of her reservist status, which she had proudly admitted.”

The Fil-Spanish actress passed away on November 4 after suffering an aneurysm at just the age of 41.

Source: kickerdaily

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