Russian Navy Allows Filipinos To Visit And Have Tour Inside Warship! Watch this!

The Russian anti-submarine warship, Admiral Tributs, which can detect and shoot submarines underwater, has been opened for public visits yesterday, January 6 as an expression of Russia and Philippines' "friendship."

Aside from the anti-submarine vessel, they also allowed some Filipinos to sit inside the K27 anti-submarine helicopter which was loaded with torpedoes.  One of its features include missiles that can shoot target within 60 km.

Filipino visitors will be guided by Russian tour guides to inform them about the capabilities of the said warship.

Also, business tycoon Lucio Tan visited the vessel and listened very carefully as the tour guide explained its abilities as a warship. According to her daughter, Irene Tan-Luy, her father is not into war and all Mr. Tan wanted was all about 'legal business', as she relayed it.

According to Russian Ambassador to the Philippines, Igor Anatolyevich Khovaev, Russia understood that the Philippines wanted to diversify its foreign partners. "It's not a choice between these partners and those ones. Diversification means preserving and keeping old traditional partners and getting new ones. So Russia is ready to become a new reliable partner and close friend of the Philippines," he said during an on-board news presscon inside Admiral Tributs.


"We don't interfere with your relations with your traditional partners and your traditional partners should respect the interest of the Philippines and Russia," Khovaev said, pertaining to the relationship of Philippines to the US.

The Ambassador even acclaimed that what they are going to give our country were all 'sophisticated weapons'. "We are ready to supply small arms and light weapons, some airplanes, helicopters, submarines and many, many other weapons. Sophisticated weapons. Not the second-hand ones," he said.

"Russia has a lot to offer but everything will be done in full compliance with international law," he added.

Aside from opening the warship for public seeing, Russian marines showcased their martial art skills in Luneta. Some of their tricks included smashing of an empty bottle on the head of their co-marine, and using hammers to break down hollow blocks while it is on the body of the soldier.

The Russian warship came here in the Philippines on the morning of January 3 to start maritime exercises between the Russian and Philippine Navy. All these activities are part of the Duterte administration's will to building ties with Russia.

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