watch: cctv footage of tragic christmas day accident that killed family in tarlac goes viral

CCTV footage of the tragic accident which killed three members of a family of four in Tarlac last Christmas Day has recently gone viral after it was posted by Facebook page, Taga Tarlac Ka Kung.

The rather graphic footage shows exactly what happened in the tragic accident which happened around 3:45 PM on December 25, 2016.

Based on the CCTV footage, a white Toyota Fortuner suddenly goes beyond the solid white line on the highway to face on-coming traffic and nearly hit a dark-colored sedan which managed to swerve just in time to avoid collision. But the motorcycle behind the sedan got hit by the SUV; the motorcycle had four people on board, a family with two children.


The force of the collision was so strong that all the people on board the motorcycle were flung far, with one even appearing to spin in the air a couple of times before hitting the ground! The motorcycle driver was also dragged several feet away as the Fortuner wasn’t able to stop immediately.

Conflicting reports were given over the exact fate of the family. According to Social Trends PH, while only the daughter survived the accident, the father, mother, and the couple’s son died on the spot; however, PhilNews reports that the couple died at the hospital while their son died on the spot.


Source: Qatarday

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