Filipina Jobseeker Raped, Robbed By Men Behind Internet Job Post!

A Filipina has been kidnapped, raped and robbed by two men whom she met after receiving a call for a job interview, a Dubai court has been told.
The unidentified Filipina quit her job as a receptionist in May 2015 and found a job that caught her interest on Dubai classifieds site Dubizzle.

“On May 23 last year I received a call regarding the job and the man told me to come for an interview,” said the victim.

They met that day at Burjuman Metro Station, where the defendants arrived in a car and said they would drive her to the company office, where the interview was to take place, she said.

“I was on the phone so I didn’t noticed the car model or number,” she said.

While on their way to the purported destination, the two men started touching her so she told them to stop and then punched one of them in the nose. The men responded by using Taser to subdue her, she said.

“I tried to draw the attention of passing cars by knocking on the window but I was pulled down to the floor of the car,” she said.
The court testimony further heard that the duo, aged 32 and 30, threatened to kill her if she continues to resist and told her they would let their friends rape her as well if she did not cooperate.

The woman said the men then took turns in raping her.

“When one of them wanted to rape me again I told him I would do it willingly if he untied my legs, and when he did I kicked him and jumped out of the car,” said the woman, who immediately went to the police after the incident and the men were soon arrested.

An Emirati policeman said one of the men confessed that he raped her after luring her on Dubizzle with a job. Before the court, the accused men denied charges of rape, kidnap, issuing threats and theft.

A medical report showed that the woman had suffered bruises that may have been from the attack, and others that were caused by a Taser.

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