Sex worker caught red-handed in Dubai Police sting operation

A woman is currently on trial facing a prostitution charge in Dubai.

According to public prosecution records, the 36-year-old Pakistani accountant was caught in a sting operation at a hotel room shortly after meeting a police informant and collecting Dh2,000 from him for sex.

The case dates back to August 7, when a policeman learned from a secret source that the defendant was working in prostitution in Naif.

"We set up a task force to verify that information. After obtaining a public prosecution warrant, we arranged  a location to catch her red-handed."

The same source contacted the woman and agreed to have sex for Dh2,000.

"A driver dropped her at the hotel and waited for her outside. We raided the room shortly after she went in. A policewoman told her to put her clothes on and to hand over the cash she just collected. The defendant took it out of her purse," the officer said.

She confessed that she had gone to the hotel to have sex for money.

Later she admitted she had done this several times before for different amounts of cash for nearly three months prior to her arrest.

The defendant had sex with nine men for amounts ranging between Dh400 and Dh500 at several hotels in Dubai over that time period.

Prosecutors asked for the strictest penalty possible under the law.

A verdict will be pronounced on November 26.

Source: khaleejtimes

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