10 Photos Meghan Markle Wouldn’t Want The Queen To See

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family shocked the world when he announced he was ditching his bachelor status and was engaged to marry American actress, Meghan Markle. There’s no doubt these two make a beautiful couple, and people around the globe are curious to know more about who she is, where she’s from, and what her life was like before she stole the Prince’s heart.


We all have a past, and Markle is no different. She has appeared on a popular TV show, was previously married, and was reportedly living with her ex at the time she started dating Prince Harry. Despite it all, he knew from the first day that they met that she was “The One.” Awww.

It’s just too bad the Internet is full of some racy and embarrassing photos of Markle that would definitely make Queen Elizabeth II clutch her pearls. The Royal Family is far from being perfect or devoid of scandal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t scrutinize those who have tried to wiggle their way into their inner circle. The Queen has made it known that she’s delighted about Markle and the Prince’s upcoming nuptials, and plans for their May 2018 wedding are well underway. But we really wonder what the Queen would think if she were to stumble across these 15 pictures from Markle’s past.

10. Too Steamy

Another photo the Queen would surely cringe over is this shot from the show Suits. Markle and actor Patrick J. Adams have various steamy scenes, including this one that shows them mid-coitus. Markle is again dressed in a skimpy outfit after stripping down to her underwear. All decked out in black lingerie, the actress and Adams proceeded to get frisky in front of millions of television viewers. Markle is a professional actress so she was just playing a role and doing a job, but that still doesn’t change much in the grand scheme of things.

Quick! Someone cover the Queen’s eyes!

9. Wedding Photo

When she marries Prince Harry in May 2018, Markle won’t be the only divorcée to join the Royal Family. Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced just a year before her death. And Charles’ new wife, Bowles, left her first husband in 1995. Although the Queen has been a little more laxed about family members getting divorced and ditching their spouses, it’s still a touchy subject within The Church of England.

In 2002, the church, which the Queen is the head of, revised its policy to welcome those who had ended previous marriages. But still, we doubt the Queen would be ecstatic to see this picture of Markle with her former husband, Trevor Engelson. The two were married during a 4-day celebration in Jamaica before getting divorced less than 2 years later.

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