10 weird Halloween facts and trivia that will scare the wits out of you

Did you know Somerset has it's own super-creepy Halloween traditions? Here's a round up of terrifying facts about the spookiest day of the year

It's the spookiest time of the year - and it might just be scarier than you thought.


Around the world, many countries have their own weird Halloween traditions - and some of them are downright bizarre.

Not to mention the deeply unsettling way they celebrate the festival in Somerset, where they call it 'punkie night'.

So prepare to be chilled to your very core with these terrifying Halloween facts.

1. If you bite into a Halloween cake and hit a thimble, you'll be unlucky in love


Part of the Halloween tradition in colonial America involved the baking of a Halloween cake.

Bakers would hide various things in the cake to tell the future. A thimble was a symbol of bad luck with the ladies or gentlemen.

Also, presumably, a sign that you've got a costly visit to the dentist in your near future.

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