8 Nonsensical Things Every Live-In Couple Is Bound To Hear While They’re House Hunting

The decision of moving in together makes for a milestone in every couple's relationship. This, however, comes along with the constant stress of convincing the landlord/broker/agent, etc and of course, dealing with their unwanted opinions. Not because they judge you for your lifestyle, jobs or income but your "rishta".


Remarks and comments keep falling like party confetti, even by uninvited strangers, who doubt your charitra for no personal concern of theirs (#RIPSocialEtiquettes). So, picking up the most common and familiar ones, here are some of the extremely ridiculous things you must've heard during your apartment hunt. 

1. "Iss society mein sirf  families rehti hai."

2. "What's wrong with you kids, nowadays? Future ke baare mein kabhi socha hai? "

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Source: scoopwhoop

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