8 Things It’s Better to Avoid Wearing on a Plane

Whether you are choosing an outfit for a short or a long-distance flight, it is important that you feel comfortable and at the same time stay out of trouble. We at Bright Side collected some tips from flight attendants and fellow travelers about things not to wear on a plane. Read until the end to f...


Travelling through airplanes is something we all do in our daily lives. However the long or the short the journey is, some facts are needed to be kept in mind before you step your foot into the airport. Let's see what are those.



A good perfume increases your attraction. However, if you are on board, it is strictly advised that high scented perfumes should not be used. It is because some of the passengers might be allergic to the smell or others might have asthmatic problems. Use a light body deodorant instead.

Tight clothes


If you travelling a long distance, it will be better if you wear loose, comfortable clothes. Wearing tight clothes might increase the risk of DVT, Deep Veins Thrombosis. DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein, usually in the leg. To prevent it, wear special compression socks and loose comfortable clothes, and walk around whenever you can.

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