Fake Stories Of 2017 That We Blindly Believed

This year saw social media at its strongest, so much so that it made us believe some of the weirdest news that kept coming our way. While social media is necessary to spread the news and to have a bit of fun, today's public should be well aware of the 'breaking news' that might have broken to just break our heads off with hoax information.

Having said that, a number of viral flawed and invalid stories and news had flooded the social media with a storm. One after the other, it all got a seal of the 'wow' or 'oh my god'. Sadly, these fake news are still considered to be real and need to be out with a full stop to them. Here is a list of such news, that had made us cringe, laugh and mostly weirded us out. Take a look!

1. Pictures of the G20 Summit that went viral.

1.	Picturesof  the G20 Summit that went viral.

The leaders of particular countries were photoshopped into the picture which saw many powerful world leaders coming together and discussing something serious. This picture was trolled, and some did believe that their respective leader was in fact, the VVIP among the VIPs.

2. Fake Rs 200 note picture.

2.Fake Rs 200 note picture.The new Rs 200 note picture started circulating, and people started to believe that after Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes, this was the new currency note that would be seen soon. There were reports that the government is considering such a new currency to fill the gaps. However, this was just a great work in photoshop.

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