Fascinating Psychology Facts about People That Will Amaze You

It's always interesting to know something unusual about yourself and others as well. It's even more fascinating to know a lot about others. We will help you know people better around you so that you can always mingle with one matching your nature.


The list of psychology facts here will help you understand human nature in a better way:-

1. Relationships

Friends made at the age of 16 to 18 are more likely to grow their friendship and turn it to permanent.

The risk of divorce is lowered by 70% if you marry your best friend.

Hugging your loved one lower down the pain of discomfort by 60%

Women generally like men with deep gruff voices as they sound confident and active.

2. Men and Women

Men are generally less humorous than women.Men usually crack jokes because they don't really care whether others like their sense of humor or not.

Women have more pain receptors in their body than men, despite this , they can tolerate high level of pain than men.
A women can keep secret for an average of 48 hours .
Women having more male friends are often found in joyous mood.

3. Intelligence and Advice

Those people who always tend to give more advice to everyone is the one face most of the problems.

The smarter a person is , the quick is his decisions and disorganized is his handwriting.

People  with strong feeling of guilt, regret and conscience are better in understanding other people's thoughts and feelings.

Intelligent people wish to have few friends than an average person.Once a person grows smarter, the more selective he/she  become in choice of friends.

4. Happiness

It may sound weird, but it's true, giving and receiving good morning and goodnight text message activates the part of the brain  responsible for happiness.

Doing things that scare you, will make you happier at the end. It improves your self confidence and makes you feel good about yourself.
Its true, you can't please everyone at a time, if you do so, you will end up feeling most lonely.
If you listen to high-frequency music, it will calm and relax you.
Happy People require less sleep.

5. Character 

The way you speak to restaurant staff speaks lot about your character.

The way we speak doesn't get affected by our emotions, but the reverse is true.

Shy people don’t speak much about themselves. However they will do this in such a way to realize other people that they know them very well.
Shy people or introvert people tend to speak less about themselves.
If two people are having conversation, and one moving his leg in outward direction, it indicates he is not interested in the conversation and tends to leave.

These are really mind-blowing psychology facts that will leave you amaze and help you in knowing people around us in better way.

Author: Nisha   

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