Iconic Love Stories of these Bollywood Couples can Answer All Your Love Queries

Love stories just have magic in them; they will make you go aww, will make you feel like you have that special someone too... Love stories just do things (well, at least, to me because I am a hopeless romantic)!


There have been various people who shared their personal anecdotes with us, but some have been so inspiring that I couldn't stop myself from sharing them with you all. Today, I took time out from my usual day and dug deep into the love stories of celebrities who are still going strong together. Some are with each other since a mere span of 2-3 years while some of them have spent 26 good long years together. 
Here are my favourite celebrities and their oh-so-inspiring love stories. Check them out!

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan 

ShahRukh Khan and Gauri Khan 

SRK can set any heart on fire with his dimples, but his heart beats only for one woman, and she is none other than his beautiful wife, Gauri, who he knew way before he became an actor.  

Despite being shy, Shah Rukh asked his wife (at the time they were not married) to dance with him in a party they both were invited, and that's how the two started to know each other. SRK said: "I don't know whether I am a nut, but I am very intense about my love for Gauri. She's a part of me." 

Married on: October 25, 1991 

Marriedon: October 25, 1991 

SRK was a possessive boyfriend back then, and this encouraged Gauri to take a break from their relationship but Shah Rukh didn't stop, and when the two decided they were in love, he was ready to fight all odds for his lady love who was a Hindu. Love triumphed in the end and the couple got married after dating for five years.  

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