Would You Say “Yes” to a Crazy Proposal Like This One?

With plenty of wedding proposals and “prom-posals” going viral on the web, it becomes a challenge for guys to make theirs as unique as possible – perhaps to get the public’s attention or just to make sure their lady love feels truly special.


Now, there’s this one guy who took “unique” to a whole new level by adding danger into the equation. With the help of his friends, he created a dangerous proposal that had his girlfriend screaming in fear for his life. Of course, it was just a stunt and he was alright but it is easy to see how she could not refuse such a proposal – after all, for one brief moment, she thought she had already lost him!

Still, there are others who think the guy has gone too far and, if they were in the girl’s shoes, they would not say “yes”! Hmmmm. What do you think?

Watch the video of the proposal here and tell us whether you would have said “yes” or would you have dumped him for the crazy prank:


Source: buzzflare

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