A guide to Traffic Offences and Fines in Qatar

If you drive in Qatar, it is of utmost importance to be aware of traffic rules so fines can be avoided. In a bid to curb the high rate of road accidents, the Qatari government has made the traffic rules stricter. The traffic system is based on points and includes severe fines that can lead to a driving ban.

So, once you clear the driving test and obtain the driving license, now it is essential that you are likewise mindful of certain Qatar driving rules to avoid penalties and ensure that you and others on the road are safe.


Individuals who have car or other vehicle and if they do drive in Qatar, ought to know about the rules for awareness and safety. One of the main difference between Western countries and Qatar is that drivers in Qatar are not informed when they commit a traffic rule violation. So, it becomes very important to keep checking online on Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) website, if there is any fine against your vehicle. If you do not check and ignorantly try to leave the country, you won’t be allowed until you pay the fines. 

It is a good feeling to drive in Qatar with amazing infrastructure so enjoy your time here and don’t be afraid of driving, just be safe and mindful.

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