Is the contract relevant after employment visa issued?

Contact the relevant authority at the free zone for the purposes of a resolution.

I would really want to have your expert opinion regarding my employment as I'm literally hanging in limbo and have nowhere to go.

I've an employment contract signed by myself and my employer dated November 27, 2016, but till date I haven't received any mail or call for my joining. When I called the HR I was initially told that my visa is up for management approval, so it might take a few weeks.


I waited for a month and a half and I recently called them and I was told that the hiring is on hold for now, and that if I would like I could take up another job. They also said as soon as they resume hiring I would be the first they call.

I really want to understand what my legal position here is.


Normally all employment contracts have a clause which states that it is valid and effective subject to the approval of the employment visa from the relevant authorities. You may notify the company that you have waited for a long time and are now looking for another employment as the company has put on hold your employment.

Know the law

If you (employee) are being forced/coerced into signing an amended terms employment contract you should contact the relevant authority at the free zone for the purposes of a resolution between you and the employer.

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