Renew Qatari Passport on Time

A Qatari passport is one among the strongest in the world with 78 countries and territories, as of 1 January 2017, providing visa-free or visa on arrival access to holders of this passport, according to Henley visa restrictions index. One thing to note about Qatari passport is that it has validity only for five years.

So, it’s important to renew the passport on time. You can renew the passport within six months prior to the expiry of its validity.  


Male citizens over the age of 18 can renew their passport and passports of their dependants. One can apply on behalf of:

• sons and unmarried daughters

• brothers and unmarried sisters

• grandchildren excluding married females (children of sons only)

• nephews and nieces except for married females (children of brothers only) 

• wives, wives of sons and wives of brothers.

The duly filled in application form should be attached with two personal photos and a copy of Qatar ID (QID) or birth certificate if QID is not taken. If children’s passport is to be renewed, copies of parent’s QID, marriage contract and birth certificate of the child should be attached additionally. The current passport has to be handed over to Ministry of Interior (MOI) before receiving the new one. 


The fee for renewing passport is QR100. The MOI’s Nationality and Travel Documents Department, which is the approving authority for passports, will notify the applicants as and when the document is issued and ready for delivery. The validity of passports will be same as five years for new passports. 

Source: qatarday

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