Deer rescued from hunters after getting stuck between tree trunks

While hunting, this group of hunters heard the sound of a deer in distress off in the distance. They followed the call for help and found a deer had gotten herself into quite a mess! Somehow, she had tried to walk or leap through a small opening in between the split trunk of a tree. Watch as these guys persistently do everything they can to try to free her. Sometimes, hunting is bout letting the prey get away, rather than the opposite.


How do you even start to “unstick” a deer?

If you said to use a hatchet, you’re a winner! This deer was lodged so tightly between these tree trunks that there was no way a little tugging and pulling was going to do the job. One of those trees had to come down! Choosing the small of the two was very wise, especially when the only tool you have with you is a hatchet!

A hatchet and some leg power just might help!

Once the smaller tree trunk had been hatcheted enough to bend it a little with some brute strength of the leg, one pushed while the other pulled. They knew at this point just exactly how close they were from letting this deer escape to freedom. With quite a dedicated amount of effort, they were able to set this one free!

Watching them work tirelessly to rescue this deer had me holding my breath! What a great rescue!


Source: theepochtimes

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