IATA asks countries to re-establish Air-links with Qatar

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged the Gulf countries to restore connectivity to Qatar after many countries cut ties in the region this week. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates stopped all flights to and from Qatar on Tuesday.


Qatar Airways had to stop all flights to the affected countries. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE flights made up a large chunk of the airlines short-haul list. Qatar Airways is also struggling with restricted air-space as it is not allowed to fly over Bahrain, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia since Tuesday.

Executive general director of International Air Transport Association (IATA)Alexandre de Juniac on Tuesday asked Gulf nations that have broken relationship with Qatar to reestablish air links with the nation, he also cautioned the gulf countries about a major travel disruptionsas a result of air space restriction. At the same time, he also added that he acknowledges the fact that countries have the right to close their borders.

While talking on the sidelines of the group’s yearly meeting in Cancun, Mexico he said that air connectivity with Qatar must be reestablished as fast as possible.

Abdul Wahab Teffaha, the leader of the Arab Air Carriers Organization stated that they hope that the crisis will vanish and air travelwill returnto normal conditions soon. Arab Air Carriers Organization bunches 33 airlines.

Christoph Mueller, Chief digital and information officer at Emirates carrier said that they are monitoring the current situation and analyzing it.

As per IATA rules UAE, Egypt and Bahrain are signatory of International Air Services Transit Agreement so they cannot legally block Qatar from using their airspace, while Saudi Arabia is not a part of this agreement so it have the right to legally block all Qatar airways flights from flying over its territory.

Source: qatarday

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