Things to do to stay healthy in Qatar

The saying ‘health is wealth’ may seem as a cliché, however, nothing more is closer to the truth than this saying. If you are in good health then only you can do whatever you do; work a 9 to 5 job in a corporate setting, play sports for leisure or professionally, have a family and take care of them and cultivate social relations, all this is possible only if you are healthy yourself. In fact, the health care professionals themselves are no use to anyone unless they are healthy themselves. So, it is important than everything else that we take care of ourselves and do things that ensure our good health. Like everything else in the world there are few basis rules to this as well, and today we will give you a to-do list to make sure you stay healthy and also keep track of any changes in your health.

1 Eating habits:


One of the most important things to do if you intend stay healthy is to optimise your eating habits. You don’t want to be anorexic but you don’t want to obese or overweight either. In order to get all the nutrition the human body needs, you must eat a balanced diet which includes dairy products, grains, protein, fruits and veggies, as well as fat. Sticking to a balanced diet chart will not only provide you all the necessary minerals, vitamins and calories but also keep your organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys in top shape. Don’t skip meals, as doing so will take a toll on your body and mess with your with your circadian clock. 

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