People Are Losing Their S**t Over This Robot Opening A Door

There are enough science fiction films out there that show killer robots wreaking havoc on all of humanity. Most have that classic scene where someone expresses concern about where technology is going, they get laughed at, and then the reckoning begins.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, this could well be that time in our reality.

If you've seen the 'Metalhead' episode from the latest season of Black Mirror then this will surely give you the creeps. But you don't have to be a fan of Charlie Brooker's dystopian series to look at that video with a mixture of wonderment and concern.

It shows a yellow, dog-like robot, designed and created by Boston Dynamics, walk up to a door; it inspects the locking mechanism and realises this is a job for two robots.

The machine signals to a buddy to help, and a replica moves in and extends its black claw out to twist the handle and open the door to let the pair of them through.

Some of the people who have seen the video raced to social media to express concern.

There's no denying that what they've created, specifically called a quadruped robot, is impressive.

While some people were quick to yell Skynet, others realised this could usher in a completely new era of human-robot companionship.

Another video of the robot's abilities shows it can manoeuvre around household items and even put your dirty dishes and glasses into the washing machine. One person on social media suggested these robots could replace assistance dogs because they're more reliable, hygienic and can complete more tasks for the user.

On their YouTube channel, Boston Dynamics says: "Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed."

It's called the SpotMini and runs on electric power, can carry a 14kg payload and has a 3D vision system to give it a sense of depth perception. There is another clip showing scientists trying to slam the door shut, but the four-legged robot holds on to keep it open.

Their website describes the robot, saying: "SpotMini inherits all of the mobility of its bigger brother, Spot, while adding the ability to pick up and handle objects using its 5 degree-of-freedom arm and beefed up perception sensors. The sensor suite includes stereo cameras, depth cameras, an IMU, and position/force sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation."

So essentially it's incredible.

If you thought that was cool, check out the video of their two-legged robot named Atlas jumping over various obstacles and even doing a goddamn backflip.


Source: ladbible

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