Female Construction Worker Goes Viral for Beautiful Face and Extra Strong Body

It is really rare to find a female construction worker. While there are already a number of architects and engineers working behind the scenes, having females doing manual and physical jobs is something you don’t expect because construction jobs are physically demanding.


But one woman has gained internet fame for being a construction worker. Of course, it was a huge factor that she has a beautiful face but netizens were more amazed at how she was able to lift heavy objects as if these weighed like pillows!

Xiao Mei has been dubbed by netizens as the “real-life Asian Wonder Woman”, saying she is much better than a lot of men in many aspects.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Xiao Mei could be seen doing the back-breaking job of a construction worker with ease. It was clear that she wasn’t just doing this for the cameras but actually knows how to do the job out of experience.

Isn’t she admirable? She lifts heavy objects and can mix concrete, just like any other construction worker but she continues to turn heads because of her beauty.

What netizens really find admirable is that despite the hard work she’s doing, she manages to maintain her poise and beauty.

Source: buzzflare

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