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Ants 'save' young girl from being raped by 29-year-old man

While he was about to outrage her modesty, black ants bit him and forced him to stop.

A 16-year-old young lady was spared from being raped after a colony of ants began biting her attacker in Indonesia. 

The adolescent young lady was charmed by Toni Irawan, 29, into going for a joy ride with him around Sukamaju, South Sulawesi area. 

Amid the drive, Irawan made sexual advances towards her, which the young lady stood up to. The edgy man at that point hauled her out and hauled her to the hedges meaning to rape her. 

While he was going to shock her modesty, dark ants bit him and constrained him to stop. 


Neighborhood media revealed that amid the trip, Irawan had over and over requested that the young person engage in sexual relations with him, however the young lady declined. When they ceased by a town, she attempted to escape from him, yet was gotten by Irawan and brought back in the vehicle. He took her to another town on the appearance of washing his vehicle. When he found a forlorn place, he hauled her to the shrubs and tossed her to the ground, driving himself on her. 

He was going to assault the young lady when they both were nibbled by a state of dark ants, reports included. 

Following the scuffle, the young person fled and yelled out to the villagers for help. 

The police have captured Irawan and begun a test. In the event that he is discovered blameworthy, the man will get a correctional facility term somewhere in the range of three and 15 years.

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