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Cup of coffee + lucky number = $1 million Dubai raffle win

A lot of complicated calculations went into purchasing just the right ticket.

An Indian expat struck a million dollars in the absolute first Dubai Duty Free (DDF) raffle he purchased. As indicated by Abhishek Kathel, 30, an friendly conversation over some cup of coffee and his fortunate number 8 was the formula that made him a dollar millionaire overnight. 

Kathel and a British expat won $1 million each at the DDF raffle draw on Tuesday. 

Addressing Khaleej Times via telephone, he stated: "It was first seven day stretch of January and I was having espresso with my companion at a prevalent joint and we discussed the DDF pool, in addition to other things. He challenged me to purchase a ticket and he stated, 'however it's about Dh1,050'. 

"I answered: 'Why not?' I've generally been needing to attempt my good fortune," included Kathel, who lives in Sharjah and fills in as lodge team for Air Arabia. 

A great deal of confounded counts went into buying only the correct ticket. "I have confidence in numerology and my fortunate number is 8 as my birthday is December 17 (1+7=8). Along these lines, I picked ticket number 2582 in light of the fact that 2+5=7 and 8+2=10; 7+10=17." 

On Tuesday, Kathel got a call from a Dubai number. "The person on the opposite end inquired as to whether I had purchased a pool ticket and I said yes. At that point he stated: 'Quiet yourself, you simply won $1 million!' 


"His words did not quickly soak in as I was still extremely sluggish, originating from a night flight. However, following five minutes, I understood that I had won. 

"I haven't called anybody yet, not by any means my folks and kin who are in Madhya Pradesh, in light of the fact that I need to get hold of the check first and would truly need to make sure that I'm currently a mogul," he said. 

Kathel hasn't arranged what he will do the $1 million. "I will initially welcome my folks and kin to go to the UAE, at that point I will most likely seek purchase for my very own level in Dubai."

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