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Global Tiger Day 2020: 70% of world's tiger population lives in India; know the importance of conservation

July 29 is Global Tiger Day. The day is being celebrated to create awareness on tiger conservation. 


Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Tuesday released the report of the Tiger Census on eve of Global Tiger Day. "India is proud of its tiger assets. The country today has 70% of the world's tiger population. We are ready to work with all the 13 tiger range countries in their actual management of tiger reserves," Javadekar said while speaking at a function at the National Media Centre, New Delhi.

"At the international level, we have a lot of soft powers, but one soft power is that the country has animals. India has 30,000 elephants 3,000 one-horned rhinos and more than 500 lions," he added.

A measure that the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has taken last year is restricting habitat interventions. This will be done by limiting human interaction even in buffer areas around tiger reserves, thereby minimalizing man-animal conflict and excessive spillover of wildlife, including tigers.

In addition, the National Tiger Conservation Authority has also authorised official training to deal with emergency arising due to tigers straying into human-dominated landscapes, tiger depredation on livestock, and to work towards active rehabilitation of tigers.

Ministry in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India and the National Tiger Conservation Authority, is also taking steps to safeguard these corridors from linear infrastructure development, since a lot of fauna is killed every year due to railways activity, highways development projects, etc.


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