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India accounts for second largest visitor base for Zoom, says CEO

 India accounts for the second largest number of visitors for Zoom, behind only the United States (US), said Eric S. Yuan, chief executive officer (CEO) of the hugely popular video collaboration platform. Yuan was speaking at the India Internet Day event organised by non-profit organization The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).

The company recently opened a technology center in Bengaluru and has started hiring employees for the office too. "I think Zoom will have great DNA in India," he said, citing that Zoom’s COO and the chairman are both Indians. The Bengaluru office is meant to embrace the local market, according to him. He said it’s important for the company to have a local strategy.


Yuan said the company would like to become more global and received most of its revenues during the pandemic from North America and a little bit from Europe. He also said the company wants to introduce new services for its existing enterprise customers and the new use cases that have sprung due to the pandemic.

"I think platform play is very important. It’s more like a video conferencing infrastructure service. You can build all kinds of applications upon that," he said.

Speaking about the future of video communications, Yuan said companies like Zoom will have to deliver the same experience that a physical meeting would bring in future. "We believe video conferencing platforms like Zoom can deliver a better experience that face to face meetings. However, we are not there yet."

According to Yuan, future video conferencing platforms will have features like real time language translation using artificial intelligence, and features that allow users smell, touch and more. “If I want to give you a big hug, you’ll feel my intimacy. I’ll shake hands with you and you will feel that as well. Those features will be available in the future. Even if you’re drinking coffee, one click will digitize the smell," he said. “I truly believe that’s a world where we are going to live in the future. I’m not saying we’ll get there in two or three years, but that’s the vision and the future. When that happens, you can work anywhere."


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