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Malayali with Pakistani passport wants to go home

In 1962, Hashim joined his elder brother who migrated to Pakistan to look for a job.

A 74-year-old expatriate, who was brought into the world Indian yet relocated to Pakistan when he was a minor and gained the country's passport, can't have a resigned existence at his place of birth. The septuagenarian's three kids are Indian nationals as are his seven siblings and every single living relative. 

"I may have a Pakistani passport, yet I am an Indian by birth and concentrated till Grade 8 in the place where I grew up. My late spouse was an Indian as are every one of my youngsters and relatives," Hashim, who has been a UAE inhabitant throughout the previous 44 years, revealed to KT. 

Hashim was conceived in Kannur in 1945. His dad, who filled in as the municipal chairman of Kannur, died in 1953. From that point forward, his senior sibling P.K. Ahmed moved to Pakistan in 1955 to search for work to help the family. 

In 1962, Hashim - who was 17 at that point - his six siblings and their mom joined Ahmed in Karachi as he might have been "thinking that its hard to send the cash he earned to his family". 

"It was not exceptionally hard to move to Pakistan at that point," said Hashim. 

After thirteen years, in 1975, Hashim and Ahmed went to the UAE. In 1979, Ahmed went to Pakistan and took his kin and their mom back to India. They remained in Kerala for a long time and got Indian citizenship, leaving just Hashim with a Pakistani international ID. 

"I have no family or property in Pakistan. Every one of my kin are in Kerala. They remain around the house I worked in Kannur. My little girl likewise remains in India. In the event that I am permitted to return home, my girl and different relatives can deal with me. Both my children are working here in the UAE and will almost certainly visit me back home," Hashim said. 

Marriage in Kannur

"My uncle demanded that I get hitched to an Indian young lady so I would return home all the more regularly, and in 1979, I got married with a Kannur local and conveyed her to the UAE," Hashim said. 

Two of his kids were conceived in India as residents. His most youthful child, Rashid, was conceived in the UAE and got a Pakistani international ID. "Around five years after the fact, we connected for an Indian identification for him, as well, and he got it." 

It was troublesome for the family to return home together because of visa-related issues. Be that as it may, he visited his local place "each year or possibly once in two years". 

"I would send my family home each year. I would go along with them later as it would more often than not take somewhere around three to four months to process my visa," Hashim clarified. Indicating a heap of travel papers he got throughout the years, Hashim said with a grin: "Take a gander at my eight Pakistani international IDs loaded up with Indian visas." 

Health complications 

Hashim experienced a noteworthy heart medical procedure in Chennai in 2004. He additionally endured a heart assault in the UAE in December 2017. Since he didn't have a medical coverage, his family wound up paying more than Dh40,000 for treatment. 


In 2015, when Hashim went to Kerala, he slipped and fell, leaving two broken bones in his left leg. He needed to experience a medical procedure to embed metal plates. When he returned to the UAE, he felt torment in his lower leg. "Since I couldn't get an Indian visa on therapeutic grounds, I went to Pakistan, where a specialist prompted me to expel the metal plates. Since my specialist in India had asked me to never expel the plates, I won't." Hashim is thinking that its hard to walk, however can't go to India as he can't anchor a visa. 

Visa issues 

Hashim has connected for the Indian citizenship ordinarily since 1988. In any case, they have all been turned down. Truth be told, the senior native has been not able inspire a visa to visit the place where he grew up for the last over two years. 

"With my most recent visa application, I had presented all the required records, including sponsorship testaments from my child and girl appropriately confirmed by the Notary Public in India. Be that as it may, BLS (redistributed office for Indian identification and visa administrations) has said that even my photographs should be bore witness to by a gazetted officer of India. It is unimaginable for an Indian officer to do this without seeing me," said Hashim. 

He said this was the first occasion when he was confronting an issue with respect to passage visas to India. "The visa would take a few months to come, however I was never denied passage already." 

Hashim has asked the Indian government to concede him a visa to visit the nation for medicinal purposes. "I likewise ask for the administration to concede me a long haul visa, which will at last qualify me for citizenship. 

"Just as of late, the Indian government allowed citizenship to 400 individuals and their applications were simply as long as 10 years of age. Much vocalist Adnan Sami was conceded Indian citizenship inside a couple of years. Mine is a 45-year-old case. I am an old, debilitated individual, wishing to settle in India gently with my family."

Journey from India to Pakistan to UAE

>>1945: P.K. Hashim was born an Indian in Kannur, Kerala

>>1953: His father died, leaving the family without any financial support

>>1955: Hashim's brother, Ahmed, migrated to Pakistan in search of a livelihood

>>1962: Hashim, his six siblings and their mother migrated to Pakistan

>>1975: Hashim and Ahmed came to the UAE

>>1979: Ahmed went to Pakistan and took his siblings and mother back to India

>>1986: Hashim's siblings and mother were granted Indian citizenship

>>1988: Hashim applied for Indian citizenship, based on his marriage to an Indian citizen

>>2005: The Ministry of Home Affairs asked Hashim to resubmit the application to reflect amendments to the Citizenship Act

>>2006: The Consulate General of India in Dubai sent the application again to the authorities concerned

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