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Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner fight results; PacMan scores unanimous decision win

Pacquiao looked like his old self in dominating Broner over 12 grueling rounds

Well that went not surprisingly. In his first battle on U.S. soil since 2016, and his first battle as a 40-year-old, Manny Pacquiao traveled to a consistent choice triumph over Adrien Broner at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to hold his optional WBA welterweight title. Utilizing animosity and snappiness, Pacquiao outflanked the hesitant Broner, who sat trying to counter, yet tossed scarcely any punches, and landed even less. 

In the ring after the session, Pacquiao said he was eager to battle Floyd Mayweather, who was sitting ringside for the battle, and talked with Pacquiao in his locker room before the session. "Instruct him to return to the ring, and we will battle," Pacquiao said. "I'm willing to battle again to Floyd Mayweather if he will return boxing." Mayweather, be that as it may, declined to react. 

In the early adjusts, Pacquiao turned out terminating, charging at Broner over and over with punches and whirlwinds to the body. Pacquiao snapped out more than 70 punches in the initial three rounds, cruising to simple successes as he stayed away from Broner's uncommon endeavors at counters. The man from Cincinnati they call "The Problem" bobbed, harking back to the fourth round, getting his most ideal chances of the battle on the counter, yet he just couldn't arrive reliably. 

Pacquiao flooded in the center rounds, finding a major left to the body in the fifth round, at that point assuming control in the seventh. He shook Broner on different events, and had him stuck in an unfortunate situation against the ropes, however couldn't get him out of there. At that point in the ninth, Pacquiao discovered achievement again with his left hand, pounding Broner with a hardened shot appropriate to his face. 


From that point, he traveled through the last couple of rounds, as Broner got on his bicycle. Maybe he was simply excessively harmed from the steady discipline Pacquiao was managing out, or possibly he genuinely trusted he won the session. He surely said as much in the ring subsequently. 

"I beat him," Broner announced to uproarious sneers from the group. "Everyone out there realize I beat him. I controlled the battle. He was absent. I hit him more occasions. I beat him." Broner did not, actually, hit Pacquiao more occasions; the Filipino hero outlanded him 112-50. 

Bulldozed in the battle, Broner's ate one all the more sharp punch to end his baffling night. This time, however, it originated from Jim Gray. "I'm 3-3-1 in my last seven, however I'd be 7-0 against you," Broner snapped. 

"Well," Gray reacted. "That wouldn't mean much."

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