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Muslim man lynched, dies, in Jharkhand

He was beaten by a mob and succumbed to his injuries

Tabrez Ansari was a victim of a recent mob lynching that took place in Jharkhand, India on June 18. He died on June 22 after he allegedly succumbed to his injuries in Seraikela Jail. A graphic video of the lynching was shared on social media, which enraged online users.

What happened?

Tweep @imMAK02 shared a video of the incident with the caption: “One more mob lynching, Jharkhand. Tabrez Ansari aka Sonu was brutally thrashed by a mob in suspicion of theft. When he told his name to the mob, then mob beat him up brutally. Yesterday he died ... Welcome to ... Hindu Rashtra 2.0.”

In the video, Ansari was seen on the floor, surrounded by a mob, as a man thrashed him with a stick.

According to reports, he was beaten with heavy objects. You can hear him screaming in pain in the video.

Another video was uploaded by @imMAK02 where Ansari is seen with his hands behind his back, being forced to say Hindu phrases like “Jai Shri Ram” (hail the deity Ram) and “Jai Hanuman” (hail the deity Hanuman).

According to Indian newspaper The Avenue Mail of Jharkhand, Ansari was accused of theft and was arrested by villagers in Dhatkidih, Jamshedpur on June 18. His two associates fled the scene.

The reported quoted his wife, Shaista Parveen, who said: “My husband had sustained injuries on the head. But police did not provide him proper treatment, which led to his death.”

Ansari fell unconscious in jail on June 22. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead.

Maksud Ansari, uncle of the deceased, told The Avenue Mail that his nephew had died in jail but the officials sent him to a hospital to “cover their nose”.

He demanded stringent action against the jail authorities and those involved.

Online reactions:

Online users were outraged and demanded justice for Ansari.

Tweep @paul_themedic posted: “This is painful to watch and the fact that he died is heartbreaking. This is terrorism all the way.”

@Luckiman2 tweeted: “It is very sad to hear where other countries are going on the moon... our Indian brothers are killing each other, where they are destroying their parents, children and society. I pray to God please protect these people and change their human behaviour.”


Many criticised the government for their inaction on this matter.

@4menyana4 tweeted: “How much more will these goons defame the Hindu faith and the name of Ram in their quest for petty gains from their political bosses? They come from the fold so the Hindus will only have to stop them.”

Tweep @troll_bol posted: “This will only stop when a couple of politicians are lynched in this same manner.”

And @StyleSouth101 said: “So what happens to the people caught on camera murdering the person ...?”

Another incident:

Another Muslim man was attacked in Rohini, New Delhi, for not saying “Jai Shri Ram” when told to do so.

The victim was identified as Mohammad Momin, who was attacked by three people in a car, according to Indian news agency, Asian News International (ANI).

In the complaint he filed with the police, he said he was stopped by a white car on the road. Thinking the people wanted directions, he went there.

In the report, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) S.D. Mishra was quoted as saying: “...three men inside the car asked him to read some religious lines. He, however, ignored and moved on after which they hit him.”

Momin said that on refusing to say the phrase out loud, they verbally abused him and hit him with their car.

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