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NEW WONDER CHILD ASTONISHES INDIA; 5-Year-Old Rahi Amit Singh, is all set to shake the world with memory milestone.

Ms. Raahi Amit Singh was born on April 16, 2014. She started Started Gita chanting at the age of 2 yrs. Her first  youtube video on 12th chapter of Gita at the age of 2 years 4 month.

Ms Raahi Singh, Age 5yrs as per today, Bengaluru, daughter of Dr Amit Singh, an Ayurvedic doctor and clinical researcher is setting an example for new bees in this world on milestones of memory. 

Bhagwadgita being the reference and holistic text book of yoga which has 18 chapter and every chapter have many verses are being recited and memorized by this legendary child from the age of 24 months / 2yrs. Kids of her age don't remember the name of places or objects but this child memorized verses of Gita and started reciting which was further recorded by family members and uploaded in YouTube which got over 700 views. 


There are many uploads from age 2yrs to 3yrs, 4yrs old and finally 5yrs as per today where she has more than 3000 views altogether. 

Her capacity to memorize didn't stop here and not she is able to chant upto 12 chapter which is altoghter over 100+ verses. This article is not about the child but also about Yoga, shlokas and sanskrit which has been documented in many texts that learning sanskrit in early age enhances memory. 

Sensory memory which last for few seconds. Short term memory which last for 2-3 mins and finally the long term memory which has unlimited time frame. Repetition and vibrations of sanskrit verses increases the memory disc space in brain along with Random access memory which is called RAM which is important to switch over the thoughts and applications in the brain leading to intelligence in children. 


Raahi Singh is a living example for children to be evaluated based on sanskrit learning and finally achieving milestones. These videos in YouTube and this article is dedicated to yoga and sanskrit to bring an awareness towards ancient wisdom which is getting lost somewhere and our effort is to bring back the awareness by showing this live example and effort done by baby girl.


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