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Pakistan's tallest man unable to find bride

Rashid's height has now become a hurdle in finding a match for him.

Pakistan's 23-year-old Zia Rashid has a towering stature, actually, as he quantifies an enormous eight feet in tallness. In spite of the fact that he is very well known with individuals regularly approaching to posture for a selfie with him, Rashid's tallness has now turned into an obstacle in finding a counterpart for him. 

Rashid who hails from Multan in Pakistan's Punjab territory, is just three inches shy of outperforming the world record for the tallest man. The present title-holder is a Turkish agriculturist, Sultan Kösen, who remains at 8 feet 2.82 inches tall. 

"I've not possessed the capacity to discover my life accomplice up until this point. I've not discovered somebody who is tall enough for me. It is practically incomprehensible. Additionally, my family has attempted to discover a counterpart for me. They took my proposition to be engaged to a few families however nobody indicated enthusiasm for me," Daily Mail cited Rashid as saying. He included that right now he has abandoned getting hitched. "By and by, I've quit contemplating it," said Rashid. 

Other than discovering love, Rashid can't purchase readymade pieces of clothing and needs to get garments uniquely designed by his size, while his shoes are acquired from Karachi. In any case, it is people in general transport that stresses him the most. "The most concerning issue for me is I can't go on open transports. I can't sit in the seats in light of the fact that there isn't sufficient leg space openly transports," he said. 


Rashid resembled some other typical youngster until the point that he was 10 years of age. "At 10 years old, all of a sudden my stature began expanding. My entire body ended up powerless. Specialists said the shortcoming was because of calcium lack and prompted me to eat calcium rich nourishment. Be that as it may, inside a year, I ended up tallest individual in our family," Rashid uncovered. 

His monstrous stature has left Rashid without an occupation and is currently confident the nearby government will perceive his uniqueness and offer him work. The silver covering for Rashid is that throughout the years because of his expanded notoriety, he has been welcome to a few private occasions in Dubai and Saudi Arabia with an ongoing welcome from Zimbabwe. 

"In spite of all the chances, I feel glad for my tallness. I feel pleased that I'm not the same as others. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction that as a result of my stature individuals come and take selfies with me. I get a great deal of affection and consideration from individuals and that makes me feel pleased," Rashid said.

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