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Video: Afghan boy's dance after getting 'leg' melts hearts online

Ahmed had lost his leg in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan.

The moment of euphoria is visible on the face of this little boy from Afghanistan who breaks into an impromptu dance, flashing an innocent grin after getting a new prosthetic leg. 

In the heart-warming video captured at an International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Orthopaedic Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan, the boy identified as Ahmed, is seen dancing with joy on his new prosthetic limb. The video was recorded by an ICRC officer who also posted it on Twitter, revealing that little Ahmed lost his leg in a landmine explosion in Logar province in eastern Afghanistan, according to reports in The Indian Express.


With the video going viral, several netizens praised the little boy's courage and pure joy that reflects in his dancing. Ahmed is one of the many victims of landmine explosions in war-torn Afghanistan. One Twitter user wrote: 'This boy sums up #Afghanistan and #Afghans with his joyful dance. Despite all the suffering Afghans prove their resilience. I am sure this boy has come a long way from his chopped limb to the artificial one to dance'. While another wrote: 'Literally can't stop watching this video. We have so much to celebrate in life'.

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