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How to choose best web design company in Dubai

How to choose best web design company in Dubai

Taking your business online is now more crucial than ever before. Internet users’ intention to fulfill their needs online has been on a rise over the past decade and the horizon looks bright for the industry. All people who are planning to start their online business or take their current business online, would think about choosing the best web design company to work with, in order to develop a thriving website.

All people across the world look for the best value for the money they are spending. So do the people who are looking for services like web design in Dubai. But the question is, which factors must be considered to choose the right web design service provider? Here in this article, we will walk you through a process to follow, for the sake of choosing a web design company that suits your needs best.

How important choosing the best web design company is?

It goes without saying that your website will be the showcase of your online business. Hence, the better it is designed and built, the more customers are expected for your business. There are many factors that must be in place for building a lucrative online business. To do so, a well-experienced and reputable web designer must take care of the project. On top of that, as the web design Dubai price is relatively high, you must be very careful to spend your money in the right place. There are many freelancers and offshore companies who offer considerably low prices to do the job, however, in many cases, the owner will end up with starting the job from scratch.

The main factors to consider to find the best web design company

There are an endless number of companies and freelancers who are providing web design and SEO services in Dubai. That makes it sounds pretty difficult to find the right one for your project. However, following the below steps, eases the process for you.

  • Look online for digital service providers in Dubai

To find a list of digital service providers in an area, in our case Dubai, you must look online. Then, browse the first couple of pages, as the most reputable companies normally rank higher in major search engines like Google. Read through their meta descriptions and choose at least ten companies to short list for further research. 

  • Check the shortlisted web design companies’ profile

Majority of reputable companies have a profile section within their website. You can easily browse their profile page and see examples of their previous projects. Ask yourself a few questions like, are the websites they have developed matches my expectation? Do they look professional? Are their designs on top of design trends or do the designs look outdated? Going forward, you must cross some companies off and make your list shorter.

  • Check their clients’ feedback

The feedback of companies' clients are one of the most valuable decision making factors. In many cases, you can find feedback online. If there is not much feedback on the internet, contact their clients with confidence and ask whether they are happy with the web design services and more importantly after sales support of the web design company. Ask for their strength and weakness. At this step, you will be able to easily narrow down your list and put your step further to the next step.

  • Put a list of must-haves and wish-list together

Now it’s time for you to create a list of all elements and features that are mandatory for your website. The must-have list must include all the required design elements and features that are crucial for your business type. In addition, you must put a list of other features that are not dealbreaker, but help you to negotiate with multiple companies to see which one provides you the best offer.

  • Contact the final list of the companies

Get on the phone and call the final list of short-listed companies. Pay attention to how they answer your questions. Besides, see whether they ask questions about your business type and your web design projects. It’s always a good idea to book a meeting with the team to discuss your project further and also see their company’s atmosphere and the team. At last, ask for the best offer they can get you and compare all offers you have received. Now you are able to make a perfect decision to choose a company that suits your project best.


The more due diligence you conduct, the better outcome you will get during your journey to find the right web design company for your business. By following the steps mentioned earlier in this article, it is most likely that you make the right choice and move forward towards building a thriving website for your business.



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