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FIFA Qatar 2022 Sponsors and their Impact

The FIFA World Cup is one of the oldest sporting events in history. Fans of the sport adore the World Cup, not just as a competitive international event but as a means of bringing people together. Both organizers and sports fans have high expectations for the World Cup, which is currently underway in Qatar.

Joining FIFA Qatar 2022 are some of the most prominent Arabic gaming websites together with the world's biggest company sponsors, including the federation's oldest partners, such as Adidas and Coca-Cola. Let's find out what this entails for Qatar and the Middle East.

FIFA World Cup Sponsors

Although FIFA Qatar 2022 has been mired in controversy and allegations, the growing list of sponsors would say otherwise. However, several important companies have addressed the situation, calling for proper investigation rather than distancing themselves from the country, as many millions of dollars are leveraged by the sponsors during the World Cup to promote their brands.

FIFA's list of sponsors already included its oldest partners, Adidas, Hyundai, Coca-Cola, and the Visa credit card company. However, earlier in March, FIFA announced BYJU's, QatarEnergy, and Crypto as official sponsors for the World Cup. 

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading platform sponsoring the event might surprise many since crypto trading is illegal for banking institutions in the country. However, the company is reportedly looking forward to promoting its brand image inside and outside the stadium. 

Similarly, Hisense Electronics and Technology is another prominent name to join the FIFA Qatar 2022 sponsors, while Qatar Airways and VIVO are also among the international sponsors for the global event.


Crypto is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange announced as a sponsor in March. According to Arabic-casinos, Crypto is expected to promote its brand and joins FIFA Qatar 2022 sponsors inside and outside the stadiums. The company has promised users it will provide opportunities to win official merchandise and attend matches.

Crypto is a highly influential company and has inked lucrative deals. It has made sponsorship deals with Formula1 and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to name a few. Consequently, it can help drive economic and technological change in Qatar.
While crypto trading is largely illegal in the country at an institutional level, Crypto is expected to change that. Although most of its crypto-based promotions will target the international audience, it can also help highlight the benefits of cryptocurrencies, such as privacy and security, which might lead Gulf countries to legalize their use, considering CoinMENA has already become the first regional crypt exchange to offer services to Qatar.


The Atlanta-based beverage company, Coca-Cola, has officially sponsored the FIFA World Cup since 1978! In fact, Coca-Cola has collaborated with The Panini Group since 2006 to release physical and digital stickers for the World Cup events. 
In addition to covering all FIFA-affiliated tournaments, the company gave a statement last year in light of the allegations regarding human rights violations in Qatar. The company suggested that FIFA's collaboration with Qatar's Supreme Committee would help bring positive changes to the workers' controversy in the country. 
As Coca-Cola continues to promote the event in a good light, Qatar can expect a fruitful future relationship with the beverage giant. As alcohol is largely banned in the Middle East, the cola brand can build massive stakes in the Gulf market, allowing for positive economic change.


Both Hyundai and Kia are subsidiaries of the Hyundai Motor Group. The companies have been official sponsors of FIFA since 1999 and 2006, respectively. The Hyundai Motor Group served as one of the six high-tier FIFA sponsors from 2007 till 2014. 

The last extension for the Hyundai Motor Group to remain a sponsor and cover all associated sporting events was announced to end in 2022, following the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup. Hyundai serves as the official ground transportation provider for the association, transporting personnel and high-ranking officials alike. Excluding the economic benefits, the branding of its latest vehicles is expected to drive sales upward in the State of Qatar and the Middle East.


Hisense Electronics initially joined Fifa's roster of commercial affiliates in 2017, ahead of the World Cup in Russia. Since then, the two have collaborated on projects, including global ad campaigns and on-site activations. 

While the relationship benefits both organizations, the electronics company also launched a social media campaign in late 2021 to build hype for FIFA Qatar 2022. As such, it has offered massive discounts to Gulf countries and others on its range of electronics. Its innovation in the field of technology is also bound to help Qatar make progress in the technological world.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, the national carrier for the state, became an official FIFA partner in 2017 and has covered numerous events. Its existing deal includes covering the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Qatar Airways is also the Official FIFA Airline and recently announced official travel packages for sports fans interested in attending the World Cup. The move will magnify tourism in Qatar and is expected to generate high revenue.

We hope you liked reading this article and learned more about the official FIFA Qatar 2022 sponsors and how they might promote economic and technological activities in the State of Qatar!

Author: alexandra   

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