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Fresh Del Monte Marks World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022

To meet consumers’ current and future needs, Fresh Del Monte strives to foster creativity and innovation, to improve the taste, safety, quality, and sustainability of its products.  

Finding solutions to pressing issues and promoting sustainable agriculture has prompted a host of innovations from Fresh Del Monte. 

Ms. Racha El Aawar, Fresh Del Monte’s Regional Marketing Director for the Middle East and North Africa region, said: “Innovation is the driver of the modern world, and at Fresh Del Monte, we are committed to continually innovating to better the entire agricultural industry through the changes that lie ahead.”

“Following 16 years of development, we brought to market our first pink pineapple variety, Pinkglow® pineapple. We partnered with Australia’s Queensland University on research to tackle TR4, a fungus that has plagued banana crops for decades. We also created plastic-free, compostable banana stickers, available in France, that meet food safety requirements and European compost guidelines,” she added.

Fresh Del Monte also uses smart farming technologies to optimize agricultural production while reducing environmental impact. Digital yield maps of fields helps us better understand interactions between soil, pests and diseases, and agricultural practices. Using multispectral UAV imagery allows for early detection and helps to limit crop disease spreading, leading to fewer losses and reduced pesticide use. 

Source: Atoswire

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