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Kris Fade Becomes Newest Brave Optimist Brand Ambassador in LGs Lifes Good Campaign

– LG Electronics (LG) is thrilled to announce its partnership with radio personality, Netflix star, and entrepreneur Kris Fade, who joins the esteemed roster of global Brave Optimist brand ambassadors in LG's groundbreaking "Life's Good" campaign. 

The one-year collaboration sees Fade standing shoulder to shoulder with other global super-stars, with LG planning to release meaningful collaboration content on its social media channels from various influencers, through which the company aims to amplify the message, that together we can foster inspiration and hope among customers globally by embracing a “Life’s Good” notion.

Crucially, the collection of influencers that LG has partnered with all embody the spirit of "brave optimists": including Jenny Park, a Nigerian-Korean fashion model who carves her own path, with confidence in herself and the future; Australian national swimmer and sing-er-songwriter Cody Simpson; and Willow Smith, a highly-respected performer in her own right, and the daughter of renowned singer and Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Will Smith. 

Fade's journey to success has been marked by overcoming adversity and rejection, shaping his own path with unwavering optimism and determination, and finding love and joy in eve-ryday moments with a “Life’s Good” outlook. 

He said: "I'm incredibly proud to join hands with LG and be part of the 'Life's Good' cam-paign, an initiative that fosters inspiration and hope, not just in the UAE but globally. Through my personal story, I hope to encourage others to embrace optimism and resilience in their lives."

As part of his role as an LG Brave Optimist brand ambassador, Fade will share an intimate story from a pivotal time in his life that helped shape his spirit and success. The video cap-turing this powerful narrative is set to be released later this year, promising a heartfelt and inspiring journey.

LG's "Life's Good" campaign, introduced in August, is an integral part of the company's vi-sion to transform into a "smart life solution company", with the Brave Optimist initiative shining a light on the value of uniting together during this critical time. This campaign rep-resents LG's commitment to evolving with the changing needs of customers by providing innovative and engaging customer experiences. 

“Life's Good” activations have been steadily rolling out – aligning with LG's dynamic and youthful brand identity unveiled earlier in the year – including the "LG Finger Heart Filter" and "Life's Good Sticker Package" designed for major social media platforms such as Insta-gram and TikTok. 

Sa Nyong Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf, said: “LG's commitment to enhancing customer communication, by sharing core values and the message of ‘Life's Good’, is an exercise in optimism. Our partnership with the renowned, empathetic, and resilient Kris Fade, whose message will be delivered to our customers worldwide, underscores LG's dedi-cation to spreading positivity and inspiration, demonstrating that, together, life truly can be good, and optimism is the key to unlocking boundless potential.”

To learn more about LG’s campaign, please visit:

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