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Top 10 Most handsome cricketers in 2016-2017

There are many of the sports being played in the world. Some of the sports are very popular. Cricket is one such game which is very popular in the world. Cricket is much known as the gentleman’s game in the world. This sport is having lot of glamour with it and one can easily find many of the handsome players in it.

10. Mitchell Johnson

MitchellJohnson, World's Most Hottest, Handsome Cricketers 2016

Mitchell Johnson was born on 2nd November 1981, in Australia. He is an Australian cricketer. He looks very fashionable with tattooed arms. His cute dimple on the cheeks looks very attractive. He is an all-rounder cricketer, which is he can play both batting as well as bowling nicely.

He debuted in international cricket in the year 2007 and played splendidly from starting. In the year 2009, he was successful in gaining “Cricketer of the Year” award from ICC. He is a very nice cricket player.


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