10 Secrets Stacy London Doesn’t Want Us to Know About What Not To Wear

2. The Clothes Were Never Off The Rack

We already know that the clothing was tailored and that’s one of the biggest scandals on the show. The reason for that is they made it look like these women were taking clothes right off the store’s rack and they fit amazing. Every single item they found looked good on them. It wasn’t because they found miracles in the store while shopping. It was because the clothing was all tailored at the expense of the contestants before it was filmed. When it came time for the contestants to go shopping,

they were told not to worry about the sizes,

to just grab what they could find when it came to what the hosts gave them for guidelines. What they failed to mention was that they would have to pay for their own tailoring. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to pick out the proper sizes and then not be charged the tailoring fees?

1. They Had Personal Shoppers

When you watch the show, it looks like the contestants have free reign to go to the stores and buy whatever they want. That’s not the case, though. The biggest secret Stacy London doesn’t want you to know is that the contestants had personal shoppers with them to pick out the clothing for them.

Some of the contestants said that they learned more from the stylists that were shopping with them then the hosts

and that’s definitely something London doesn’t want anyone to know. “I learned more from her than anybody else,” said Casey. Another participant stated, “I learned more about clothes from power-shopper Jess, my stylist, than London and Kelly combined.” That’s got to sting!

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