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6 Best Place To Visit Dubai for Tourist

6 Best Place To Visit Dubai 

Once an outpost in the desert, Dubai has become a famous destination. It is widely popular among a large number of frequent travelers. Every year, people from different geographical locations visit Dubai for entertainment, fun, marriage, business, etc. Dubai is so diverse and open to tourism that there are activities, entertainment, and opportunities for every budget! So, what are the best places for tourist attractions in Dubai? Let’s have a look. 

1.    Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest skyscraper in the world and certainly the main attraction of Dubai. It houses apartments and hotels, swimming pools and gyms, and offices. The observation deck is on the 14th floor, Restaurant - 122, lounge with a terrace.

Opening hours: Daily, from 9 to 00.00. 

Entry Fee: 158 AED (adult), no tickets for children under four years old. 


The zipline in Dubai (XLine Dubai Marina) is considered one of the world's fastest, steepest, and longest. It appeared in 2017 and instantly became one of the most popular extreme rides. The length is one kilometer, the speed is 80 kilometers per hour, the cable slope is 16 degrees, and the height above ground level is 170 meters. 

Do you want to experience unforgettable emotions and see one of the most beautiful cities in the world from a multimeter height? Then this entertainment is just right for you. As for the opening hours, the attraction is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. The schedule may change depending on the season, weather conditions, and holidays. 

Healthy people from 12-65 years of age can take a ride and have incredible thrill and enjoyment. Children below 12 are not allowed due to safety reasons. The use of mobile handsets/cameras is prohibited during the ride. A ticket for one person costs 650 dirhams. So, book your ticket now & have an adventurous ride. 


The Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai is a must-visit attraction where you can experience -6 degrees in 50-degree desert heat. It is the first sub-zero lounge in the Middle East. Visitors can see mesmerizing ice sculptures, enjoy ice chairs and tables, and admire the bright interior in sub-zero temperatures. Ambient lighting changes colors regularly and filters through crystal-clear ice blocks for a visual treat. In addition, the attraction is decorated with ice fragments, stalactites, and stalagmites, making it even more surreal.
The Dubai Chillout Lounge originally opened in 2007 and underwent a significant renovation in 2014, making it the perfect place for friends and family. Upon arrival at the attraction lobby, you will receive thermal underwear to keep you warm in the cold. This clothing is part of the tickets to the Recreation Area. You will then allow your body to acclimatize to the extremely low temperature in the main Chillout Lounge by spending a few minutes in a buffer zone maintained at 5 degrees Celsius.
You can spend up to an hour at the Chillout Lounge, enjoying hot drinks or taking selfies with the ice sculptures and furniture. Chillout Ice Lounge serves hot soups, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and desserts. The entire Dubai Chillout Lounge experience lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. Unlike all ice bars worldwide, Chillout Lounge in Dubai does not serve alcohol. 
Tickets for the Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai are AED 80 for all visitors aged 14 and over and AED 50 for children aged 13 to 13.
Infants under four years old can enter for free. 
●    Adult ticket (age 14+): AED 80
●    Child ticket (5 to 13 years old): AED 50
●    Child ticket (under four years old): It's Free


Madame Tussauds Dubai opened on October 14, 2021, becoming the first such museum in the Gulf and the 25th in the world. 

The popularity of Madame Tussaud's exhibitions is growing every year. Today, dozens of specialists are working on creating wax copies of celebrities. It takes up to 12 weeks for the artisans to make one figure. Modern figures of Madame Tussauds can surprise: some of them can move, others can speak, and some even blush under the persistent gazes of visitors. 

The main feature of the museum is its dynamism. Exhibits are regularly updated: new “stars” become the decoration of the gallery, and the public who have lost popularity leave its halls forever. This probably explains the long-term success of the exhibition. So, book your ticket now and see the beauty of Madame Tussaud. 


IMG Worlds of Adventure is a mega-themed, air-conditioned indoor amusement park spread across 1.5 million square meters, the equivalent of 28 soccer fields. As the pinnacle of Dubai's growing tourism and leisure industry, IMG Worlds of Adventure provides the ultimate getaway for families, adventurers, shopaholics, gourmets, and movie lovers. 

Composed of 4 epic adventure zones, 25 retail outlets, 28 restaurants, 100 actors and entertainers, and a 12-screen Novo cine complex, the park promises unique and rewarding fun for visitors of all ages and interests. With 1,500 employees, IMG is capable of entertaining 20,000 researchers a day. It offers a variety of adrenaline roller coaster rides, state-of-the-art rides, live shows, interactive games, and rides that keep tourists busy all day long.
The best time to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure is in the morning on any work/weekday. It is also best to visit the park during national holidays. For example, you can enjoy huge discounts and other benefits like exclusive coupons on UAE National Day.

While the IMG Indoor Park is open 365 days a week and is air-conditioned, the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter, from November to March, as the weather will be pleasant to see the outdoor facilities. So, book your ticket now and visit IMG Worlds of Adventure. 


If you love adventurous trips, JEBEL JAIS ZIPLINE is for you. The northernmost of the seven emirates of the UAE, located 45 minutes from Dubai Airport, Ras Al Khaimah is a multifaceted and colorful place. Some will appreciate the emirate's rich nature, pleasant climate, and authenticity; others will understand the recreation opportunities. 

The world-famous extreme entertainment of Ras al-Khaimah is the world's longest zipline Jebel Jais Flight. It is on the highest mountain in the UAE, Jebel Jais (almost 2 km). The zipline is 2832 meters long: get ready to fly over the mountain range at speeds of up to 150 km/h and land on a suspended platform with a glass floor. 

If one descent is not enough, opt for the Jais Zipline Sky Tour, an hour-long tour of nine mountain locations connected by seven zip lines passing over cliffs and canyons. The total length of the ziplines is 5 km, and the flight speed reaches 60 km/h. Finally, the culmination of this extreme holiday is a landing on a bridge hanging over an abyss. So, book your ticket now and enjoy an adventurous trip to Dubai. 


Everything Dubai has is extensive, beautiful, delicious, luxurious, golden, cheerful, and expensive. There are plenty of exciting places - architectural masterpieces, parks, markets, hotels, shopping centers, old and new quarters, water parks and amusement parks, and manufactured natural corners in this city. We have listed the top 6 places in Dubai that everyone must visit. They will let you have an unforgettable trip to Dubai. 


Author: Prafulla   

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