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THE HAPPY NEWSPAPER - sprinkling a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet

The newspaper is read by over 20,000 subscribers in 33 different countries every quarter. 

Every single day all across the world there are people helping others and doing incredible things but the majority of them are not celebrated or even talked and written about.

But the founders of the The Happy Newspaper (THN) think that these unsung heroes deserve to be recognized and appreciated. And with this concept in mind, THN aims to bring a refreshing twist on what generally people refer to as typical 'news', but is generally all “bad stuff” that’s been happening around the world with very little being reported on positive changes and truly inspiring people. Each issue is based around a theme and includes various features, poems, showbiz, food and more combined with beautifully colourful illustrations throughout.

According to THN website, “The newspaper is a 32-page publication organised chronologically, with news articles arranged month by month. Not only is the paper packed with only positive stories from across the globe, it also has an entire section dedicated to our Everyday Heroes. These are people, groups or organisations who YOU have nominated to feature in the paper because they add a little bit of sunshine to the world (or your world).”
And according to THN, the first issue was launched in December 2015 thanks to 73 people who pledged towards a Kickstarter campaign and wanted to shed some light on this world we are all living in and to remind people just how much good stuff actually happens around the world and goes unnoticed!

The brainchild of 22-year-old British based designer and illustrator Emily Coxhead who realised the negative impact bad news was having on her well-being, especially when she herself going through a difficult time in her life. 
THN concludes their paper mission by stating, “We celebrate the Everyday Heroes, the people who don’t expect to be praised for what they do on a day-to-day basis, those who have turned horrific events into a time to be proud of humanity, the people who didn’t help somebody else to go viral on Facebook but because they make us believe this world has the potential to be better.”

In case you are interested to know what good is happening around our planet then subscribe to

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