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102,280 expat visas scrapped in four years

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait released statistics from the years 2015 to 2018 shows that in four years, authorities in Kuwait scrapped residency visas of 102,280 expatriates working in the public and private sectors.

Statistics showed that 2,501 visas were cancelled in 2018 leading to a drop in the number of expatriates in both sectors.

This is an increase in the number of visas cancelled compared to 671 in 2017.

Statistics showed that cancelled private sector visas dropped to 15,734 in 2018 compared to 16,141 in 2017, of which 63 per cent were for non-Arabs and 32 per cent for Arabs.


Statistics showed that 1,769 visas were cancelled in 2018 for Arabs working in the government sector.

The current number of private sector employees holders of residency visas stand at 1,531,000, including 957,000 Asians and 549,000 Arabs, while the remaining are from Africa, Europe, North and South America and Australia.

The total number of public sector expatriate employees holding visas stand at 108,000 the lowest number since 2015.

Arabs make up the majority of expats working for the government at 57,124 (53 per cent), while Asians number 47,754, in addition to 495 Africans and 58 from Australia and the Pacific.

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