Carton baggage not allowed on Kuwait Airport?

Dear, please clarify that carton baggage are allowed or not on Kuwait airport as I am traveling on tomorrow.


One of my colleagues told that Kuwait Aviation authorities will not allowe as per its post after July 01’2018 onwards.

Please clarify and solution needed. Thanks.

The Logo is of Gulf air and nothing to do with Kuwait Aviation

As per latest Gulf air baggage policy :

Effective Sunday 15th July 2018, all Gulf Air passengers flying to/from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh are permitted to check-in a maximum of two pieces of baggage, with a maximum combined weight as per Gulf Air’s baggage allowance. Gulf Air Falconflyer members’ additional baggage weight allowance is not impacted.

These revisions apply to all tickets, irrespective of issuance dates for travel from Sunday 15th July 2018 onwards.

(For Reference Click Here)

Even on Kuwait International Airport website you will find that no such reference of carton packed baggage not allowed is mentioned ( For reference click here)

Please do not forward fake news without checking its source.

Source: arabtimesonline

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