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Oman working on new temporary work permits for expats

Oman's government is planning to permit the recruitment of non-Omani workers under temporary employment licenses in specific specialised jobs for a set period of time.


The specified professions include medical, academic, technical, consultancy, expertise and training, according to the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit’s annual report.

This amendment is being pursued as a measure to manage business needs requiring expatriate specialists for a limited period of time. Therefore, the aforementioned jobs will be identified and updated on a yearly basis by the Ministry of Manpower due to the demand of the labour market.

The government is also working on a structure to allow flexible movement of expatriate workers in the Sultanate to enhance labour mobility between companies registered within the same group or entity. "The long-term objective of the initiative is to unlock flexible movement of expats to help private enterprise in need of additional staff. After amendment to the new law, a company can move an expat worker to a group company for a period of three months after notifying the Ministry of Manpower," the report said.

Source: timesofoman

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